Accreditations are important to us to constantly improve and hone our services and capabilities. They're also important to out clients so they know how seriously we take compliance and standards.


Accredited crane manufacturer: With a focus on maintaining standards and progressing development, DTE has built an excellent reputation amongst its clients and customers from local companies to global bluechip organisations.


Apart from a compliance standpoint, DT Engineering seeks to improve its services to clients by constantly assessing the standards we uphold and obtaining the correct accreditations and quality marks.

We also like to make our clients aware that we have been externally assessed by industry professionals and that the services we provide adhere to recognised and compliant industry standards.

As a progressive and dynamic company, DT Engineering is committed to excellence through all of its services.

Some of our clients

In addition to improving our services and the welfare of our workers, our continuous drive to progress has led to the formulation of long-standing and trusted relationships with clients and customers. Our case studies can attest to this, and we enjoy continued partnerships with clients of all sizes and in many locations.

Our clients would agree that working with them that we strived:

To be the most innovative engineering partner we can be for all of our clients.


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Accredited crane manufacturer: We've worked alongside various bluechip companies who have benefitted from our experience, expertise, commitment and passion to deliver on a range of engineering projects.

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