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Case Studies

Manufacture and installation of a Lighting Inspection Booth at Manufacturing Facility.

The engineering team were asked to be involved in the setup and design of a light box inspection booth in the automotive manufacturing facility, which would be utilised for the inspection of car body panels for critical defects and imperfections that did not show up under normal lighting conditions.  The team over at the facility were bound to using internally manufactured rigs, made up of simple light fittings with no consistency between panels and car makes and models.  Estimations of lighting levels in each area and what lux was required to have a best fit inspection was causing some car body panels to be written off as a quality control measure.

Installation of Working Safety Lines and Anchor Points for Man Riding Applications in Car Manufacturer

The company was asked to look at the delivery of a system of works which involved the safety of workers and contractors in working at height situations at a support facility for an automotive manufacturer in the area.  The system and working practices deployed were being superseded following ongoing consultations with the business owners and contractors operational in the facility.  DT Engineering NW were asked to suggest and design a working system which could help to allow the active production cell to be reached as part of ongoing maintenance procedures.

Manufacture of Factory Exhaust and Ventilation Ductwork Including Installation During Live Working Conditions

A recent project saw DT Engineering NW appointed as contractor for the major replacement and repairs of sections of collapsed ducting for a major construction sector materials manufacturer in the region.  Following major running schedules and demanding conditions, large sections of the factory extraction ducting were subjected to heavy corrosion and deterioration.  Due to the size and magnitude of the ducting and the need to maintain as close to full production as possible, the project required us to manufacture large sections of the ducting for retro fitting into existing areas, as well as the on-site repairs and patch up work to other parts of the installation.

Electrical Laboratory Rip Out and Refurbish

A project we were successfully awarded was for the refurbishment of a laboratory in a local research and science park in the region.  The client, who were the estate owner for the premises, had to ensure that the facility refurbishment was matched exactly to the timeline of its American tenant coming to take on the lease, so again, timing was critical. DT Engineering NW were project consultants from an electrical and mechanical vantage point, as well as main M&E contractor and assisted the client with design and installation of the electrical and mechanical services, including lighting, power, water and gas lines as well as for the provision and installation of specialist chemical handling assets for the business.

Goliath Crane

DT Engineering NW Ltd, had occasionally worked with German business Schuler, that manufactures and maintains car press machines, including those used by the car manufacturer. The customer requirement was that four flywheels that form part of the car press needed to be removed for maintenance and the only access point for these was at the top of the machine.The main concerns were the timelines given by our suppliers. We needed a 15t wire electric hoist with height of lift of 15m, and fast. We got on with stripping the press and we had to position the Street Crane-manufactured overhead crane to give us space to pull out the fly wheels, which are around 3m wide diameter and weighed 13t. With clearance out of the access hatch only 3 or 4mm, being precise was key.

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