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Manufacture and installation of a Lighting Inspection Booth at Manufacturing Facility.

The engineering team were asked to be involved in the setup and design of a light box inspection booth in the automotive manufacturing facility, which would be utilised for the inspection of car body panels for critical defects and imperfections that did not show up under normal lighting conditions.  The team over at the facility were bound to using internally manufactured rigs, made up of simple light fittings with no consistency between panels and car makes and models.  Estimations of lighting levels in each area and what lux was required to have a best fit inspection was causing some car body panels to be written off as a quality control measure.

The objective of this build was to create a lighting booth and rig assembly which would be a fixed and permanent asset, with the ability to house up to two full vehicles at once for inspection.

The work carried out was again over a defined test and trial period on site as well as for a final build of the asset once the finalised design was born.  Our engineering team were involved from conceptualisation and design of the asset in tandem with the in-house team, championing the rollout of a newly final specification design.  The use of different sizes of the area, different metal structures in the build, different volumes of light, different fittings, lighting calculations, refraction angles and body parts being used were all considered, tested and trialled over the period.

The final installation of the booth and rig saw our engineering team lead on building the asset within the timeframe allowed.  The installation of the POC piece was the first of its kind for the factory and QA departments across all the UK operations.

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