As well as the installation, breakdown repair, maintenance and servicing to cranes and lifting equipment, we can also be a source of more cost effective solutions to your crane and lifting assets.

upgrade your industrial crane process

Crane upgrades: DT Engineering Group can be a source of expertise and summarise a more efficient solution to existing cranes in use where a more direct operation or upgrading of a particular part may be required. We can provide services which can fit around existing operations with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your process.

Radio controllers

DTE can discontinue the use of your pendant controller and cabling which is associated with this and replace any such controllers with radio controllers which are wire-free and operate by using radio frequencies.

Your existing cranes can maintain all of their normal functions and be fully operational in the same manner as before but have the use of a hand held wireless controller performing all of the functions, reducing the danger of cable damage and reduced operator visibility governed by fixed cable lengths.

We can provide a quotation for installing these products and are registered agents with a number of radio control manufacturers, which means we can offer competitive prices for installation and maintenance but also a source of supply in the event of any spares being required. For more help and info, contact us or click the link below.

Electrical upgrades

DTE can also offer electrical upgrades to your existing cranes to bring them into legislative and legal operational states and rectify problems which are caused by aged equipment or engineering implementations from the past.

By providing solutions such as installations of invertors on crane motors, for effective swing on initial travel control; installing switching components and relevant motor and cable protection devices and eradicating illegal 400v pendant control and providing unique systems control, for more bespoke functions of non-standard cranes, we are a market leader in our field for all things electrical and crane systems related.

You can also, have the peace of mind of our service guarantee which would cover all parts installed under our client commitment to service and quality.


Do you need a crane upgrade solution?

By examining the existing crane and lifting process, DTE can advise on a solution to common problems for crane upgrades centred on a wide range of operational issues.

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