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Cranes And Lifting Equipment

Overhead cranes: DTE is a specialist in the manufacture, installation and continued service and repair of mechanical handling equipment, including factory cranes, jib cranes, wire rope and chain hoists.

The crane types we manufacture, including overhead cranes, are broadly categorised below with a brief explanation of suitability and application.

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Crane Manufacture

DT Engineering NW Ltd is a one stop engineering solution for your business, with our core specialisation being in the manufacture, installation and continued service and repair of cranes.

We have established an impressive client portfolio across a range of industry sectors, with a reputation for quality, service delivery and professionalism from design and planning through to commissioning and handover.

We are leaders in the field for advanced systems technology in everything around lifting solutions and craneage and can tailor your lifting solution to suit your individual business need.

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Crane Upgrades

As well as the installation, breakdown repair, maintenance and servicing to cranes and lifting equipment, we can also be a source of more cost effective solutions to your crane and lifting assets.

DT Engineering NW can be a source of expertise and summarise a more efficient solution to existing cranes in use where a more direct operation or upgrading of a particular part may be required.

We can provide services which can fit around existing operations with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your process when upgrading the overall lifting operation of your industrial crane process.

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Crane Servicing, Breakdown and Repair

The underslung cranes manufactured by DT at our workshops are a different option available to the end user client when there is no option of a gantry to travel the crane, but instead there is only the option of using the supporting roof structure. The limit in roof loading is a factor in the design of our underslung cranes and an assessment of this factor must be undertaken before putting together any design specification. The underslung cranes manufactured by DT are single girder types more often than not due to load limits in place.

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Training, Education and Consultancy

DT Engineering NW Ltd can utilise our expertise in the field of cranes and lifting equipment and demonstrate professionalism and service by taking our knowledge and using it as a platform for providing training services. These are both classroom based and hands on or practical, often at your own place of work.

We can train you to lift more safely and make your work-place safer. We aim to cover the type of equipment you use.

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