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Crane manufacturers: DT Engineering NW Ltd is a one stop engineering solution for your business, with our core specialisation being in the manufacture, installation and continued service and repair of cranes. We have established an impressive client portfolio across a range of industry sectors, with a reputation for quality, service delivery and professionalism from design and planning through to commissioning and handover.

We are leaders in the field for advanced systems technology in everything around lifting solutions and craneage and can tailor your lifting solution to suit your individual business need. The crane types we manufacture are broadly categorised below with a brief explanation of suitability and application.

Single Girder Cranes

Girder crane manufacturers: The single girder overhead crane is a versatile and cost effective solution to your business’ lifting solution. Often the crane of choice across many industrial demands, the single girder crane has reduced wheel loads and can see a reduction in cost when budgeting, as support steel structures are often not required for this type of application.

DT single girder cranes use an electric chain or wire rope hoist as a means of lifting for this product and can provide specifications of up to 10T and spans of up to 60 feet.


Double Girder Cranes

The double girder overhead crane offers a more comprehensive solution as a means of lifting. DT’s range of double girder cranes can be manufactured in sizes up to 50T and are available in sizes of span to suit the client’s needs. They offer better headroom of lift as the hook rests between the two beams. The hoist is mounted on a crab unit which has cross traverse motion the length of the beams and is wire rope open winch. The crane of this type can have a walkway fitted to it, which offers the user easier maintenance access.

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Underslung Cranes

Underslung crane manufacturers: The underslung cranes manufactured by DT at our workshops are a different option available to the end user client when there is no option of a gantry to travel the crane, but instead there is only the option of using the supporting roof structure. The limit in roof loading is a factor in the design of our underslung cranes and an assessment of this factor must be undertaken before putting together any design specification. The underslung cranes manufactured by DT are single girder types more often than not due to load limits in place.


Jib Cranes

We can design, build and install a range of jib cranes to suit the individual lifting application in hand. Jib cranes are normally pillar mounted, whereby they are constructed as part of a pillar design with a slew range of up to 3600.

The other type of jib crane is the wall or column mounted where the crane is mounted to the wall and offers lift slew ranges of up to 1800.

The jib crane is generally more suited to individual work stations or where a spread of area coverage is required.

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Monorail Systems

The monorail crane system is a cost effective solution to lifts which require little lift coverage area, and are a similar solution to jib cranes. Often the crane of choice for tasks which require very limited coverage, the monorail system can be retrofitted to existing steelwork, or manufactured from scratch to suit your individual requirement. The lifting asset is usually a chain or wire rope hoist.


Gantry Cranes

The complete gantry solution can be offered by DT Engineering from the design, build and installation processes, through to final commissioning and hand over. The gantry system allows for you the client to employ single or multi crane solutions to your lifting requirement. The system generally consists of goal post style gantry spreading the length of an area with cranes overhead carrying out the lifting operation. Please get in touch via out contact page or by clicking the link below.

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