We were recently contracted to food manufacturing facility in Liverpool to undertake a bespoke contract lift of one of their new sorting machines at a high level part of the plant.

The engineering team for the factory were looking to us for the safe rigging, lifting and transportation of the asset which was due to be installed as part of a wider capacity expansion of one of their products made at the factory. Our team was given the design specification of the asset and weights and dimensions before being tasked with a safe means up to the higher part of the plant. Our engineers utilised a high level lifting beam and an electric chain hoist was installed to cope with the height of lift and what was required below, at ground level. The machine was then rigged and lifted up some 150 feet and into the factory through an access door setup with anchor points tested for personnel safe use. Once in position in the factory, the asset was then transported using skates and bolted into position above a pre drilled hole between factory floors. The asset was then carefully mechanically and electrically installed with the factory maintenance team before being commissioned and signed off for use.

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