DT Engineering Group were called out recently to a tank manufacturing client of ours on the East coast after reports of a continuously poor performing workshop overhead crane with numerous breakdown situations becoming an issue with their production schedule.

The crane was some 40 years old and was part of the sale of the building when the premises was occupied. The asset had delivered over the years but was now at a point whereby a long term solution was required to overcome the issues and lost production. We worked with the client to identify the most suitable and cost effective approach to the issue, this being on this occasion the replacement of their existing crab unit for the crane, as the structural steel was sufficient and in good condition. The existing crab unit in play was removed by our engineers, including the electrical drive system for the original asset and all associated wiring. The new crab unit was then rigged on the ground and lifted onto the crane bridge structure, before being fully installed, commissioned and load tested by our team. The asset has been a success with the project being brought in on time and within the stated budget for the operation.

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