Our team were winners of a contract to dismantle and remove an aged asset in a brake press from a car manufacturing plant in the region recently. The project was part of a wider overhaul and upgrade of the facility to accommodate newer vehicles in the product range and meant working alongside other contractors and plant staff in the area.

The project involved our engineers dismantling the asset from a mezzanine floor in the plant around existing live assets and so a real careful and balanced approach was required to the removal of the asset with H&S practices regimentally followed. Our team undertook load testing of runway beams in place at the factory, before installing two trolleys and chain block assemblies to undertake the lifts of the press. The press machine was then hoisted up from its position in the mezzanine and the trolleys used to move the asset to a landing position before being lowered to ground level. The press was then transported outside for the demolition contractor to dispose as part of the wider project works.

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