The company was instructed recently onto a project with an engineering manufacturing client being brought to a slowdown in their production due to the crane in their main shipping warehouse for goods outward having braking issues compromising safe continued use.

The crane had a failed main hoist braking asset in a destroyed brake pad assembly which was causing the load to slip at various speeds and times meaning the asset was dangerous for their operatives to keep using. Our team of engineers were instructed by the client to look at a responsive and safe means of repair or replacement with a duty of care to the time sensitivities around the crane being out of action. A spare wire rope hoist was sourced and supplied within 2 days and installed as a replacement for the damaged asset and the crane and thus operation back up and running with minimum disruption. The damaged hoist was then overhauled by our engineers back at our workshops and the suitable replacement parts supplied and fitted meaning the client then had a hot swap spare for the crane in the event of another catastrophic failure.

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