DT Engineering Group were recently awarded the contract to manufacture some bespoke lifting assets for a large chemical manufacturing client in the region. The contract was to deliver a single and dual lifting beam asset, as well as a transportation bogey for the transportation of the assets, whilst on customers end users’ sites, which are worldwide.

The project involved DTE having to undergo assessment and meet the high UKCA / CE marking criteria given the unique nature of the lifting assets and what their intended use is on site. The frames were to be used to lift electroplating machinery on site and so all parts of the assets were manufactured to high standards with intense scrutiny of procedural systems. The assets were particular and comprised steel structural beams with drop chains and machined manufactured lifting components for pickup with the load. Each asset was subject to coded welding procedures using TIG technique, as well as MPI testing across every single weld in play, with proof load testing applied as per the design characteristics. What was delivered was a suite of assets of the highest quality with total traceability from inception design calculations to finished specialist coating details, amongst other variables. The suite was delivered within budget and the client updated of all changes delays and requested articles as part of the UKCA alignment.

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