DT Engineering is helping companies realise the benefit of IoT-connected machinery to simplify and control operator access and prevent equipment failure, increase asset reliability and health, boost efficiency and avoid accidents.


Heavy machinery access control: DT Smart Access leverages the power of IoT to provide a next-generation
access control system for heavy machinery.

The system affords operators independence, yet promotes safety by allowing only properly trained users to operate equipment.

Easy worker management

Smart Access gives supervisors the freedom to move around the facility and manage workers, and still feel confident that any machinery in operation has up-to-date issue logs and a full audit of checks. The system even gives supervisors a heads-up about expiring certifications or training to make sure operators are always qualified to work.

Business managers enjoy visibility and a full audit trail of operational activity, and can customize reports to spot trends, optimize usage and prevent issues. The system provides verifiable activity logs with timestamped records identifiable to
individuals – data that managers can interrogate for any certifications or investigations.

Simple, effective operation

IoT connects machinery and components, including the PC or mobile device that remotely handles access control. Operators log into the system with a badge swipe or biometric scan that identifies the user and validates their credentials to operate the relevant machine – without needing to remove any safety equipment in the

Once the operator completes an on-screen checklist – customisable for the site and machinery – the system automatically allows access to the machinery controls. The operator can then proceed to follow additional user-defined checklists for operating the machine. The system alerts supervisors to exceptions (uncertified operators, failed checklists, and so on) so they can override them if necessary and
record justifications.

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Embracing cloud technology

Smart Access is underpinned by a scalable Microsoft Azure architecture and integrates with a range of edge gateways and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

The benefits of the DT Smart Access system are:

Streamline access to machinery for qualified operators and prevent unauthorized use

Free supervisors from managing physical keys and paper logs

Make sure workers are safe and properly trained for specific equipment

Meet site-specific environmental requirements and expedite machine certifications and investigations

Identify operational issues with real-time data and actionable insights


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